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Helping to connect Communities

CDI is a consultancy embedded in southern NSW, providing expertise in connecting communities.
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Connecting Communities since 2001

Our goal is to add skills to organisations, businesses, government and communities, to improve how these connect with the wider community to remain authentic in representing their communities diverse composition.


We work proactively with organisations


Providing expertises in connecting communities


Strengthening emerging leadership and diversity

What do we do?

Community Development at its core spans many areas of community life. Good community development improves community life through strengthening local networks to support the ever changing range of community needs, interests and pressures. 

In our 20+ years of operation (we commenced in 2001) we have witnessed communities challenged by changing government policies, impacting how individuals and community groups are able to live and support each other.  We have worked proactively with organisations to assist them represent the real composition of their communities, all while their communities continue to evolve.

By invitation

  • We work with leadership, both official and unofficial, in communities. 
  • We seek to ensure that policy and community decisions are made in light of solid understanding of the burdens, impacts, strengths and needs that lie within a community. 
  • We will work with your organisation to strengthen your community connectivity while you provide important services – whether these be: supporting an individual, the marginalised, strengthening emerging leadership, supporting emerging diverse sub-groups in community, or the design and implementation of services supporting sporting and community groups, or assisting project managing a change for your community or organisation, to project management of the delivery of community infrastructure.

The CDI Team

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We are a small team of three with over 100 years of leadership, management and experience in critical functions in local government, non-government organisations, businesses and state agencies.

Our experience spans community development, health, disability, management, business analytics, engineering, facilitation, mentoring and strategic planning.

Rhys Bailey-Brown

Rhys Bailey-Brown


Lisa Pearson

Lisa Pearson

Policy Manager

Ian Bailey

Ian Bailey

Project Manager

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